Cab Drivers Rally for More Ride Sharing Regulations

Jan 30, 2015

In Richmond, hundreds of taxicab drivers from across the commonwealth are at the Capitol to rally for new regulations for app- based, ride hailing companies. 

Flickr user Emanuele
Credit Creative Commons

Earlier this week, lawmakers struck a deal with Uber and Lyft to create new regulations for the ride-hailing companies.

"Under the old rules, basically the taxicab rules, the ability to operate Uber and Lyft was going to expire soon."

That's Republican Delegate Tim Hugo of Centreville.

"So they needed some sort of authority granting them the ability to operate in Virginia."

As chairman of the House Transportation Committee, Hugo brokered a deal that creates a new category for the services, which are known in the bill as "transportation network services." The bill would require drivers to have background checks and insurance. Now hundreds of taxicab drivers are here saying the bill needs work.

"The background check that the taxi driver does is accurate 100 percent. The one they have put in the bill has a gap."

That's Daniel Berhane of the Virginia Taxicab Drivers United.

"So we want them to do the same background check that we do."

And they are also asking lawmakers to make sure that drivers of Uber and Lyft have the same kind of insurance they have.

"Commercial insurance, 24 hours seven days."

Although the bill has already passed the House Transportation Committee, lawmakers still have time to make changes to the bill before sending it to the Senate.