Celebrating the Fourth in Richmond With Beach Volleyball

Jul 4, 2019


Credit Mallory Noe-Payne / RADIOIQ


Richmond is more than a hundred miles from the beach, so it may come as a surprise how some in the city are celebrating the 4th of July: with a beach volleyball tournament. 


Robert Poole played volleyball at a small college in North Carolina. He’s played professionally in Germany and next year will play on a team in Estonia. 

But Thursday he’s in Richmond, competing at the Rocketts Red Glare beach volleyball tournament. 

“It’s spectacular if you watch it. It’s very much plays where you see people diving, going up, hard hits,” describes Poole.  

The semi-pro tournament is held on two sandy courts in Rocketts Landing, the area east of the city, with a spectacular view of downtown.

“We call it sand in the city!” says Darcy Carroll, Executive Director of the Richmond Volleyball Club.  “No beach but it’s kind of a beach, we’re on the river!” 

Matches were held Wednesday and finals for the championship are Thursday evening. It’s part of the Rocketts Red Glare Fourth of July celebration, including drinks, food and fireworks. 

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