Conway Touts Tax Reform at Roanoke Manufacturing Company

Oct 6, 2017

Former Governor George Allen addresses workers at Optical Cable Corporation in Roanoke. Allen was joined by National Association of Manufacturers President Jay Timmons, company President Neil Wilkin and Presidential adviser Kellyanne Conway.
Credit Nick Gilmore / RADIO IQ

President Donald Trump signed a proclamation today making October 6th National Manufacturing Day. Several cabinet members and top Trump officials were dispatched to locations across the country to mark the occasion.

Kellyanne Conway came to Optical Cable Corporation in Roanoke with top officials from the National Association of Manufacturers and former Governor George Allen to celebrate the current state of manufacturing in the country.

Conway also used the occasion to tout President Donald Trump’s tax plan:

“We’re doubling the personal exemption to $12,000 for an individual, $24,000 for a jointly filing married couple, and we are also expanding the childcare tax credit. We also want to emphasize that repatriation is very patriotic. The offshoring model punishes American employers and the puts the jobs and the wealth overseas. We want to encourage them to bring those jobs and that wealth back here.”

The tax cuts within Trump’s plan were based on tactics used by Vice President Mike Pence during his tenure as governor of Indiana:

“We saw that when he did a 5% across the board tax cut for individuals and employers, it spurred economic growth, created jobs, unleashed prosperity, the unemployment rate went down, and he found that many companies were either willing to stay or come back to Indiana.”

Conway says that she came to Optical Cable to display just how well a manufacturing companies can thrive when they are free to operate with limited federal restrictions.