Cville Group Rallies for Affordable Housing

Mar 13, 2019

More than 200 people from religious communities met in Charlottesville last night to talk about the area’s lack of affordable housing.

Charlottesville is in the midst of a building boom -- creating luxury housing and office space, leaving few new options for low-income residents.

In Charlottesville, a studio apartment on Zillow lists for $600 a month, and a one-bedroom could easily run more than $900.

Organizer Janie Pudhorodsky says churches, mosques and synagogues have reason to get involved. 

“I think most of the religions of the world have as one of their bases to love their neighbor,” she explains.

And many of her  neighbors are spending too much for shelter.

“There are over 900 seniors in Albemarle County who pay more than 50% of their income for housing,” Pudhorodsky says.

The group, called IMPACT,  plans a larger rally – hoping to gather 12-hundred people at the Martin Luther King Center on April 11th.  They are likely to call on the city and county to subsidize construction of more affordable houses and apartments.