Eagle Investigation

Mar 18, 2013

Credit Stock Photo

Virginia’s Department of Game and Inland Fisheries is investigating the mysterious deaths of four bald eagles found on the Eastern Shore.

Like a detective eliminating suspects Dr. Megan Kirchgessner, the vet investigating the deaths said one autopsy shows no smoking gun, literally.

"The one eagle that I necropsied I did not see any evidence of gunshot or trauma. I sent two intact eagles to one laboratory and we still have a fourth one in the freezer in case we need any extra samples," she said.

A fifth immature eagle was recovered alive. The Wildlife Center of Virginia found the bird had ingested metal fragments and treated it for lead poisoning.

"He’s doing quite well. He arrived at the Wildlife Center a little bit depressed, dehydrated a little bit thin. But eating really well, and has been moved to an outside cage," said Kirchgessner.

Kirchgessner said the bird offers no clues as to what happened. But the answer may be in lab results.