Election Officials: Only a Few Issues for Voters Tuesday

Nov 5, 2019

Despite some hiccups, officials say today's statehouse elections went fairly smoothly.

After polls closed at 7, there was an issue with the state Department of Election's reporting website -- which quickly showed that 100% of precincts were reporting. Officials say that problem only involved the public side of its website, and that official results were still able to come in.

The issue did not involve a security breach, and officials are working to reset the public side of the website to remedy the matter.

Elections officials also don't have any further information on some voting issues in Richmond and Stafford County-- north of Fredericksburg -- from earlier in the day.

In Richmond, one precinct ran out of ballots, while in Stafford, some voters cast ballots in the wrong race. Officials say that six precincts there were impacted by that issue, but they have no idea how many voters were affected.

Both of those incidents will be included in a report the department puts out following elections. They hope to have that out by the end of the year.