Environmentalists Picket Dominion Shareholder Meeting

May 9, 2018

While shareholders of Dominion Energy met in Richmond Wednesday for their annual update, pipeline protesters took to the street.

Landowner Bill Limpert says he doesn’t blame shareholders for wanting their investments to grow, but he calls on them consider the costs.

“And how this project would take from others to give to them. I call on these shareholders in good conscience to tell Dominion to do the right thing, stop this unjust, unneeded, and immoral project now!” Limpert said to cheers.

Red Terry, a landowner who spent weeks in a tree on her property protesting two planned natural gas pipelines, was among the protesters.


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As dozens chanted and waved signs Terry sat smiling in the middle. People shook her hand and clapped her back.

“I felt like such a diva sitting here, but my legs get to shaking so bad,” Terry said.

Terry came down from the trees this week after a judge threatened her with $1,000-a-day fines. Terry says the reception she’s received across the state has been exhilarating.

“I’m a forklift driver, I’m a mom, I suck at gardening, suck at housekeeping. I’m good at cooking! I never thought I would be on the face of a poster,” Terry said. “I was just trying to help my family and my neighbors.”

Terry will continue around the state as activists keep up pressure on lawmakers and the governor to intervene before pipeline construction begins.

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