Fairfax Disputes Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Feb 4, 2019

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax addresses reporters in the capitol Monday afternoon.
Credit Mallory Noe-Payne/Radio IQ

The person who would succeed Ralph Northam as governor, should he resign, went to great lengths Monday to dispute an allegation of sexual misconduct.

Lieutenant Governor Justin Fairfax said the allegation reported by the same conservative website that posted Northam’s yearbook photos is not true.

His office first released a written statement around 3:00 in the morning, calling the allegation false and unsubstantiated.  It also threatened legal action against the publication. 

Monday afternoon, Fairfax again addressed the allegation, this time in person with reporters.

Fairfax said the woman's claim had been heard and found to be not true. "This issue is a very important one which is frankly, precisely why it is such a shame that this has been weaponized and used as a smear," Fairfax added.

Fairfax admitted he had a sexual encounter with the woman in 2004 but said it was consensual.

The Washington Post said it investigated the claim.  But it could not corroborate either party’s account and never published a story about it.