Feds Seek Comments on Atlantic Coast Pipeline

May 26, 2016

The federal government is again asking for comments on plans to build a natural gas pipeline from the fracking fields of West Virginia to North Carolina. Sandy Hausman has that story:

Credit WildVirginia.org

The original route for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline passed through some especially sensitive areas in the George Washington National Forest.  Now, Dominion Resources is back with another plan, and environmentalists like Glen Besa at the Sierra Club are again speaking out.

“They’ve avoided the more sensitive areas of the George Washington National Forest because of objections from the Forest Service, but much of the original route remains the same, and citizens are very concerned about the impacts on their families farms, on their water, on their air and the impacts to climate change.”    

Critics argue that building a pipeline locks the nation into using natural gas for many years to come, and with four pipelines under consideration here in Virginia, they want FERC to review all of them at once and to choose the least damaging option.

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