Fifth Congressional District Candidates Debate

Sep 9, 2020

A map of Virginia's 5th Congressional District

The two candidates running for congress in Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District faced off for what could be the only time in their campaigns.  Sandy Hausman joined nearly a thousand others who watched the debate on Zoom.

Cameron Webb is a physician at the University of Virginia.
Credit Cameron Webb

Dr. Cameron Webb stressed that he would be a consensus- builder if elected to Congress – a role he learned as the third of six children.

“Growing up as a middle child, I was always bridging the perspectives of my siblings who are older and my siblings who are younger, " he recalled. "We all moved forward together.”

As a physician, he stressed his commitment to healthcare for all, to equality and to an inclusive Democratic party.

“We can fix not only our health care system but our society to create fair opportunities no matter  if you’re in a rural county or an urban environment.  No matter your race or ethnicity, your sexual orientation or gender identity, you should have opportunities.”

Bob Good is a fundraiser for athletics at Liberty University.
Credit Bob Good

Bob Good, a former fundraiser for athletics at Liberty University, also laid out his credentials.

“I got a degree in finance, followed that up with an MBA in leadership," he told about 1,000 viewers on Zoom. "Right after college I went to work for 17 years with Citigroup.”

Then he went on the attack.

“My opponent is aligned with the radical socialist left that’s become much of the Democrat Party," Good said. "If he were elected the first vote he would cast would be for Nancy Pelosi as speaker, unless there was a more leftist opponent like an AOC type.”

Webb pledged his allegiance to constituents.  Good said he would back the Trump administration in efforts to build a wall, deny healthcare and education to undocumented immigrants and take full advantage of the nation’s oil and gas reserves.

Listen to the forum