June Primary Results

Jun 10, 2015

There were some electoral upsets yesterday as Virginia voters in 48 localities cast their ballots in state and local primaries.  Among the most contested were 18 elections to nominate candidates for the General Assembly—including challenges to nine incumbent Senators and Delegates. 

Among the Republicans, Chesapeake Senator John Cosgrove and Augusta Senator Emmett Hanger handily won.  But long-time Chesterfield Senator Steve Martin was defeated by Amanda Chase. 

Democratic Senator Rosalyn Dance of Petersburg prevailed over Delegate Joe Preston.  

Over in the House, Republican Speaker Bill Howell beat back a spirited challenge in Fredericksburg.  If some razor-thin margins hold up, Roanoke Delegate Christopher Head will win the GOP nomination, but Winchester Delegate Mark Berg will lose to Republican Christopher Collins.  Richmond Delegate Betsy Carr easily became the Democratic nominee, but Steve Heretick defeated a veteran Democrat, Portsmouth Delegate Johnny Joannou. 

And in two hotly contested primaries, Siobhan Dunnavant won the GOP nomination for an open Henrico Senate seat. She’s the sister of Virginia Beach Delegate Chris Stolle.  And Chesterfield Democrat Dan Gecker, who was endorsed by Governor McAuliffe, won the nomination for an open seat to be vacated by a long-time Republican Senator.