Kids' Climate Rally in Cville

Sep 20, 2019

Hundreds gathered on the downtown mall in Charlottesville to call for action against climate change.  A 12-year-old led them in chanting and attacking plans for natural gas pipelines in Virginia. 

Many of those who marched and rallied on the downtown mall were kids – among them 12-year-old Gudrun Campbell, a middle school student who offered advice to her elders.

“There are a lot of adults here, and I’m glad you’re with us," she shouted through a bullhorn, "but our concern isn’t enough.  Being here isn’t enough.  We want you, the adults, to take action.”

And not just any action

“Just this week Dominion announced plans for a 2,600 megawatt offshore wind project. That’s great," Campbell said. "We need more of those, but they need to take the place of fossil fuels, but that’s not something Dominion is serious about as they continue the construction of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline.”

The ACP and Mountain Valley Pipeline were also a target for a musical group of women, clad in chartreuse, calling themselves the green grannies.

“We don’t want your pipeline!" they sang, " We’ll take the sunshine, the water and the wind.  Gonna’ put a stop sign on Virginia’s pipeline. Go tell your neighbors.  Go tell your friends.”