New Democrats Say They Want to Rein in Dominion

Jan 14, 2019


A wave of recently elected Democrats opted not to take money from Dominion, now they're putting their weight behind legislation they say would rein the monopoly in.
Credit Steve Helber / AP


As winter weather sets in, you may be looking at higher energy bills. But some state lawmakers say rates from Dominion are higher than they should be.


Democratic state Delegate Sam Rasoul says Dominion customers are having to pick up the tab for the company’s lobbying efforts, high-paid executives, and planned natural gas pipeline.

“We believe that there is a system that has been rigged in favor of these monopolies that needs to be reined in,” said Rasoul during a press conference at the Capitol Monday.  

He’s proposing legislation that would restore annual regulatory oversight of Dominion’s rates, and place a cap on the company’s profits. It’s all part of a bigger pushback against the energy company, that Democratic Senator Chap Petersen says is taking hold at the capitol.

“For the first time last year, thanks to all these great people we elected to the House of Delegates, I could feel the arc of history on this issue beginning to bend,” said Petersen as he stood in front of many recently elected Democratic lawmakers.

In a statement, Dominion Energy says its rates are some of the least expensive in the region, and that the company’s lobbying and political contributions are not part of a customer’s bills.  


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