Pope, Church & State: A Weekly Look at the 2019 General Assembly Session

Jan 11, 2019


Throughout Virginia's 2019 General Assembly session, All Things Considered host Luke Church and reporter Michael Pope will break down the highlights from the Capitol each week.

Week 7:

Virginia’s 2019 General Assembly session is almost in the history books.  The legislature is scheduled to adjourn this weekend.

Week 6:

The General Assembly session is heading into the home stretch.

Week 5:

It’s been a tumultuous week in Richmond, with one controversy after another. Despite that, lawmakers still tried to govern amid all the chaos.

Week 4:

Abortion overshadowed all other issues at the General Assembly this week.

Week 3:

The ERA and Guns have brought out a lot of emotion at the General Assembly.

Week 2:

There were some surprising moves in the General Assembly this week.

Week 1:

The 2019 General Assembly session got started this week with a little more bipartisanship than in years past.