Roanoke County is Trying to Prepare Citizens for Tentative Mountain Valley Pipeline

Jan 24, 2018

A crowd listens during the start of a meeting of the State Water Control Board in Richmond in relation to the Mountain Valley Pipeline last month. The board approved the project, which still is awaiting federal approval.
Credit AP Photo / Steve Helber

Roanoke County is trying to head off conflicts over the Mountain Valley Pipeline project before they even begin.

Even though the pipeline still needs federal approval to begin construction in Virginia, Roanoke County officials are trying to inform citizens about the project ahead of time.


Amy Whittaker is the county’s Public Information Officer:


“We need them to know how we are going to respond; whether it’s from a police perspective, a fire and rescue and perspective, how our communications with the public will be handled and what we can do to be a good resource to our citizens.”


The meeting is not meant to be a public hearing on the project’s merits, but rather a way to address citizen’s questions should the pipeline gain approval.


“We know it’s a very sensitive topic. There’s been lots of opposition to it, and the county staff has all along tried to be very open and responsive in answering the needs for our citizens.”


The meeting is scheduled for Thursday evening from 6 to 8 at Cave Spring High School. MVP officials will not be in attendance.