Roanoke Gun Violence Task Force is Working to Identify Key Priorities

Aug 12, 2019

Roanoke’s Task Force to Reduce Gun Violence is set to meet this evening.

The task force was formed earlier this year – after local officials received an annual public safety report that showed prevalent gun-related violence in certain parts of the city.

Vice Mayor Joe Cobb is spearheading that effort. He says some ideas have already been floated among the task force’s members.

Roanoke Vice Mayor Joe Cobb is spearheading the city's effort to cut down on gun-related violence.

“We’re going to identify those that we think should be key priorities and then really start working in and zooming in on how to make those best practices within our community,” he says.

Some of those ideas include counseling and conflict resolution centers throughout the city. Another proposal is introducing a trauma team that would immediately provide resources to those impacted by gun violence.

The task force has a pair of public hearings scheduled. Cobb says recent events may prompt some to seek immediate action.

“The nature of this work is transformational and it has to be done over time, because it’s really about relationships," Cobb explains. "It’s about how we impact people’s lives earlier. And how we model honoring and valuing our neighbors.”

The first public meeting is scheduled for August 22nd. Another one will be held in October. You can find more information here.