SAFE Film Screening in Blacksburg

Sep 16, 2014

A showing of the space adventure movie, Guardians of the Galaxy in Blacksburg will be “Autism Friendly.”

Lights in the Lyric Theater in Blacksburg will be low but not off and so will the sound.  There’ll be no trailers before the show starts and patrons are allowed to bring their own food. Standing up or moving around the theater while the movie is on will also be allowed; A comfortable atmosphere not only for people with Autism.

"For each of those individuals there are family members, friends, classmates. A lot of folks who care about that individual and who want spend time with that person perhaps outside of the home," says Amy Azano, an affiliate with the Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research and an Assistant Professor of Education.

Amy Azano, Virginia Tech Center for Autism Research

"I think a lot of people with autism want to go the movies, they want to enjoy a football game or a parade or watch fireworks,or attend community events, but often the sensory challenges or social anxieties are just so overwhelming they’re not able to do those things so what happens is that Autism becomes a very insular world for the individual and for the family."

Guardians of the Galaxy, a space action flick with a PG 13 rating, will be shown in this first SAFE event by the group Azano founded -- called, “SAFE” for Supporting Autism Friendly Entertainment. She says they’re looking to plan more SAFE events.

"Anyone who wants to implement these low or no cost interventions to make it a safe space for individuals with autism could certainly reach out to us, we’d love to partner with them and make that accessible and that’s for anyone of all ages."

Everyone is welcome at the SAFE event. Doors open for Guardians of the Galaxy at 3:45. September 18th at The Lyric Theater in Blacksburg.  Click here for more information about the screening.