"SUN SiNG" Concert Sun Power Against Pipelines

Apr 19, 2019

A group of artivists, that's a blend of artists and activists, from across Virginia, is sending a musical message about two natural gas pipelines under construction here. They’re called the SUN SING collective. And, they used solar power to record a new, ‘no-pipeline’ anthem at locations along the Mountain Valley and Atlantic Coast Pipeline routes.

BJ Brown and Lily Bechtel sang this original song about natural gas pipelines, from inside a pipe along the route

“We saw these pipes just rusting and I told Lily, I said, well, since the pipes are here, let’s make it useful.”

BJ Brown and Elie Bechtel use a pipe along the MVP route to amplify their song.

The SUN SiNG collective stopped at several locations to record music, out of a cargo van powered by solar panels, on its roof, for a concert at the end of this month. Executive Producer, Graham Smith-White created the Sun Bus. Kay Ferguson is Co-Producer.

“It is going to be a night of inspiring art and call to action, as a state to unite the community resisting the Mountain Valley and the Atlantic Coast Pipelines to act together.”

They’ll debut the new anti-pipeline anthem April 26th at Jefferson Theater, on the downtown mall in Charlottesville.

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