Train Derailment in Pulaski County

Jul 14, 2015

Credit Kyle Cooke/WVTF, RADIO IQ

Emergency crews are responding to a train derailment in the Dublin area of Pulaski County.
It happened around 4:oo p.m. Tuesday, when two westbound trains collided.  Here's the written statement from Norfolk Southern:

A westbound Norfolk Southern train derailed at least five rail cars today when it was struck from behind by a second westbound NS train at about 4 p.m. at Pulaski, Va. The first westbound train had 3 locomotives and 54 rail cars. The five rear cars on this train derailed. The second westbound train had 2 locomotives and 43 empty rail cars (auto racks for carrying vehicles). The locomotive on this train derailed and there is a diesel fuel spill. At this time, we are on the scene responding to the incident.