Trump Won the Election, But is Still Concerned About Voter Fraud in Virginia

Nov 28, 2016

President-elect Donald Trump may have won the election. But he’s now claiming that “serious voter fraud” happened in Virginia. 

Election officials in Virginia say there’s no evidence that any votes case on Election Day were fraudulent. But that’s not stopping Donald Trump, who went on a Twitter tirade over the weekend saying he would have won the popular vote if the fraudulent votes in Virginia and several other states were thrown out. Geoff Skelley at the University of Virginia Center for Politics says there’s nothing to the claim. 

“What he’s talking about in terms of voter fraud is not true. There’s no evidence for it, and so it’s a baseless assertion.”

Credit AP Photo / Pablo Martinez Monsivais, File

Not so fast, say Trump supporters. They point to fraudulent voter applications in Harrisonburg and Alexandria, both of which were uncovered and prosecuted before any votes were cast. John Fredericks was chairman of the Trump campaign in Virginia. 

“We have to look into this and do an exhaustive study on it to protect the sanctity and integrity of the Virginia legitimate registered voter going forward.”

The winning side of a presidential election usually doesn’t challenge election results, although that did happen back in 1876, when both sides made claims about voter fraud.