VCU Commended for Closing Minority Graduation Gap

Dec 7, 2015

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Virginia colleges have made strides in raising graduation rates for black and latino students, with VCU leading the way. That's according to a report from the Education Trust.

The study collected data on every public school in the country. It looked at each college's graduation rates today, and 10 years ago, comparing the rates for minority students to their white peers.

The study found that students at VCU are almost all equally likely to graduate regardless of race. There is only a 1-percent difference in graduation rates.

That's not the case, for instance, at Virginia Tech, where a minority student is 10-percent less likely to graduate than a white student. Still, Tech has made progress, 10 years ago that number was 12-percent.

UVA has a higher graduation rate than both Tech and VCU for all students, but over the past 10 years it has hardly changed the gap between minority and white students.

VCU was highlighted in the report as having made some of the biggest strides in the country.