Virginia Congressman To House Speaker: Stay In Session And Pass Bills

Jun 8, 2018

This week the Senate leader announced he plans to cancel part of their August recess. A Virginia Congressman thinks the House should stay in session too.

Over the past few years we’ve witnessed a few government shutdowns and in the end Congress usually passes what’s called a Continuing Resolution.  It basically keeps the previous year’s funding levels in place.

Rep. Rob Wittman

Virginia Republican Rob Wittman says that’s unacceptable. He’s spearheaded a letter to Speaker Paul Ryan asking for him to cancel August recess unless the House passes all 12 of its spending bills for the various government agencies. “I think the ultimate motivator for folks is to say ‘Okay, we’ve got to get all 12 done and if we don’t we stay here in August until those things get done.'”

Wittman says passing regular spending bills is vital for the Commonwealth whose economy is tied to the federal government. “For the federal workforce it means certainty. You create a better way to manage those agencies. You create better usage of federal funds,” Wittman argues.

Two of Wittman’s Republican colleagues signed the letter too.

This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible with support from the Virginia Education Association.