Virginia Tech to Lead VA's Cyber Security Initiative

Jun 11, 2018

The state of Virginia is taking steps to become a leader in cyber security. And it's asked Virginia Tech to spearhead the effort.   

Credit The Digital Artist / Creative Commons

The new Virginia state budget, just signed by Governor. Ralph Northam, includes $25 million dollars over two years for Virginia Tech to further develop and expand its cyber security technology and expertise.  Some of that money is for universities across the state to apply for matching funds to do the same. The plan is to create spokes in a statewide wheel around a cyber security hub in northern Virginia, near the epicenter of national security.

A number of different institutes and departments at Tech have been focusing on cyber over the last several years. The plan is to expand and build upon the work they've done including data analytics, pure research and partnerships with private companies. The cyber industry is fast becoming one of the largest financial sectors.  According to the Economist Magazine, a cyber arms race is already starting to eclipse the conventional arms race in terms of dollars spent.