Vote Counting Continues Across the Country and in Virginia

Nov 6, 2020

Credit NPR

While national attention is focused on ballots still being counted across the country, votes are also still being tabulated here in Virginia. As of 4pm Friday, local registrars have reported about 800 additional mail-in ballots received between Election Day and noon Friday.

Virginia Elections Commissioner Christopher Piper explains that if a mail-in ballot was received though noon on Friday – and was postmarked on or before Election Day – it is a valid vote and will be counted. Localities are processing and reporting those ballots now.

“And they’ll be uploading those new votes that they’ve counted over the last couple of days and that have been received over the last couple of days onto our website and you’ll see updated totals for those results,” Piper explains.

The updated results could make a difference in a handful of tight local elections – including city council races in Danville, Richmond and Portsmouth. 

And in the 7th Congressional District Democrat Abigail Spanberger is unlikely to lose her lead to Republican Nick Freitas. But the margins could shift enough that a recount is possible.

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Registrars have until Tuesday to double check and certify those results.

This report, provided by Virginia Public Radio, was made possible with support from the Virginia Education Association.