VTCRI Host of Groundbreaking Neuroscience Conference This Week

Oct 6, 2016

Precision medicine is a growing model where patient care is customized to the individual through genetics and molecular diagnostics. Focusing on brain disease and injury, the Virginia-Nordic Precision Neuroscience Conference is underway in Roanoke this week. 

This is the first such conference in the world focusing on brain health and disease through precision neuroscience. Michael Friedlander, Executive Director of the Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute, says precision neuroscience focuses on the individual, not a cohort, to determine care.

"Your genetic information, life experiences, their education, nutrition and overall health to allow us to predict what will be the optimal customized treatment for that particular person."

Friedlander says, in the case of a stroke, for example:

Credit Virginia Tech Carilion Research Institute

"The therapy that would be used to intervene and try to rehabilitate my damaged brain and your damaged brain would be different."

The conference includes researchers, clinicians and policy makers from Virginia Tech, UVA, VCU and Nordic partners from Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.