Program Changes

In an effort to best serve WVTF and RADIO IQ audiences and help listeners  navigate the broadcast day more effectively, WVTF and RADIO IQ announces programming changes to its broadcast services. These changes will affect all stations and frequencies, including online and HD services.

The majority of the changes are existing shows moving to new slots on their current broadcast channel. A few shows have been removed from WVTF and RADIO IQ to make room for new programming.  WVTF also continues a commitment to classical and jazz programming as longtime hosts Steve Brown and Charlie Perkinson retire and prepare to leave the work force.

A detailed list of the changes are below.   Printable schedules are also available (PDF): RADIO IQ | WVTF

"WVTF and RADIO IQ took our time to evaluate our programming and make the right changes,” said WVTF/RADIO IQ Program Director Josh Jackson.  “The outcome is listener focused.  It provides more consistency and greater continuity to our schedule, and it creates opportunities for listeners to hear more of the best programs that public radio has to offer."

"It’s good to make things fresh,” said General Manager Glenn Gleixner. “It’s invigorating.  It offers new insights, new perspectives, new thinking.  In the end, we think we’re offering a better product for most listeners.”

Listeners are encouraged to submit feedback on these programming changes to

RADIO IQ Summary of Changes

Programs Added (new times noted in parentheses):

Moth Radio Hour (Sat 3pm, Sun 11am)
Snap Judgment (Sat 4pm, Sun 1pm)
State of the Re:Union (Sat 5pm)
Travel with Rick Steves (Sun 4pm)
Weekend Edition (Sat/Sun 8am-10am)
Best of Car Talk (Sat 11am)
BBC programming increased (four more hours)

Programs With New Broadcast Times:

The World (Mon-Thu 3-4pm)
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (Sat 10am)
This American Life (Sat 12pm)
BackStory (Sun 3pm)
On Being (Sun 7am)
Studio 360 (Sunday 12pm)
On Point (weekdays 7pm-9pm)
With Good Reason (Sunday 2pm)
Your Weekly Constitutional (Sunday 5pm)

Programs Removed:

To The Point
Philosophy Talk
Interfaith Voices
A Way With Words
Fresh Air Weekend
People’s Pharmacy

WVTF Summary of Changes

Programs Added:

Classical 24 (Weekdays 10am-3pm and 10pm-5am)
Jazz Tonight with Greg Bridges (Mon-Thu 8pm-10pm)
Roots Down with Luke Church (Fri 8pm-12am)
BBC Newshour (Mon-Fri 9am)
This American Life (Mon 7pm)
Moth Radio Hour (Wed 7pm and Sun 6pm)
Radiolab (Thu 7pm)
Snap Judgment (Fri 7pm)
Back to the Blue Ridge – additional airing (Sat 8pm)
On Being (Sun 7am)

Programs With New Broadcast Times:

All That Jazz (Sun 8pm)
Fresh Air (Mon-Fri 3pm)
Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me (Sat 11am)
TED Radio Hour (Tue 7pm)
Marketplace (Mon-Fri 6:30pm)
Sing for Joy (Sun 6am)
Music and the Spoken Word (Sun 6:30am)
Fresh Air Weekend (Sunday 7pm)

Programs Removed:

Hearts of Space
New Dimensions
Swinging Sunday Night
Whad’Ya Know (Second Hour)
Living on Earth
With Good Reason
Says You