General Assembly 2019

Virginia's 2019 General Assembly session is underway.  Lawmakers are dealing with a budget windfall, school safety, legalized gamblind and dozens of other issues that affect your life and wallet.

Keep up with the action as Mallory Noe-Payne, Michael Pope and others cover the General Assembly from start to finish.


How closely should local jails work with federal immigration officials? That’s an issue that lawmakers are debating in Richmond.

Should Virginia join a regional effort to cut back on carbon emissions? Party affiliation likely shows where your lawmakers stands on this issue.

In the wake of the blackface scandal, Governor Ralph Northam is asking Cabinet members to come up with ways to address inequality.

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School divisions across Virginia may be on the verge of starting classes before Labor Day, or least having that option.

Some lawmakers are concerned that the student loan industry has spiraled out of control, and they’re hoping to make state regulators crack down.  Their effort was killed in a House of Delegates committee late Tuesday, though.