Run Roanoke

Run Roanoke is a podcast about shoes and the people who run in them, injuries and the people who fix them, Roanoke's races and the people who put them on, as well as local running clubs and the people who make them up.

Join host WVTF RADIO IQ intern Audrey Kidd as she sits down with those who make up Roanoke's vibrant running scene.   

Run Roanoke Episode 4

Aug 25, 2016

There are many draws to life in the Roanoke Valley, one of them being the region's reputation as a runners' haven. From the Greenway to Carvin's Cove to a few blocks through any of the region's picturesque neighborhoods, you could run in a new setting every day. 

Run Roanoke Episode 3

Aug 25, 2016

Throughout the year, there are races for runners of all abilities in Roanoke. There's at least one every weekend, including the Blue Ridge Marathon and Half Marathon, dubbed America's toughest road marathon. 

Run Roanoke Episode 2

Aug 25, 2016

Running is not a contact sport as football or soccer are, but injuries are common. Host and WVTF RADIO IQ intern Audrey Kidd talks with Tyler Bowersock from the Roanoke branch of University Physical Therapy and Josh Gilbert of Gilbert Chiropractic in Salem about some common injuries runners face.

Run Roanoke Episode 1

Aug 24, 2016

Running doesn't require much by way of equipment. It's all about the shoes and determination.

Run Roanoke host and WVTF RADIO IQ intern Audrey Kidd sits down with Fleet Feet Roanoke owner Blaine Lewis and RunAbout Sports owner Ed Shepphard to talk shoes - and the tight-knit communities that have developed within each business around a love of running.