Studio A

Saturdays at 5pm on WVTF Music

An hour of music featuring new and classic songs from the acoustic singer/songwriter and folk tradition.

Gretchen Peters

1 hour ago
Ronnie Lee Bailey

Gretchen Peters perfroming songs from her album Dancing With The Beast

Ellis Paul

Aug 15, 2019

Ellis Paul recorded live in the WVTF Charlottesville studio, performing songs from The Storyteller's Suitcase

Bill and The Belles

Aug 10, 2019

Bill and The Belles live in the WVTF studio performing a few new songs

Darrell Scott

Jul 19, 2019

Darrell Scott in the WVTF studio

Michael Braunfeld

Jul 19, 2019

Singer/songwriter Michael Braunfeld performing songs from his album Driver