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Jan. 7 - Cherubini's "Medea"

Cherubini's Medea
Marty Sohl
Metropolitan Opera

A fiery retelling of a seminal Greek myth, Medea is as compelling as it is disturbing, never more so than when the title character enacts her revenge on her unfaithful lover by taking the lives of their two children.

Cherubini composed the opera at the tail end of the French Revolution, and as such, it fills a musical and dramatic gap between the noble gravitas of 18th-century theater and the more visceral beauty of later Romantic operas.

Performance from October 22, 2022

Carlo Rizzi; Sondra Radvanovsky (Medea), Matthew Polenzani (Giasone), Ekaterina Gubanova (Neris), Janai Brugger (Glauce), Michele Pertusi (Creonte)