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Appalachian Vibes
Saturdays at 8pm

Appalachian Vibes is a radio show and podcast dedicated to challenging the expectations while highlighting the diversity of music created in the Appalachian region. Every week Amanda Bocchi interviews three artists from (or around) the Appalachian region. Each artist chooses three songs to feature. Amanda and the artist do a deep dive into their life experiences that lead to the creation of their art. The unique thing about this show? We believe that Appalachian music means music created in the Appalachian region. We feature everything from hip-hop and country to electronic brass bands and earth shaking soul singers to opera.

Artists share coming out stories, stories of race, songs about the personal loss of losing a child, and stories about being left by your college girlfriend who took everything, including the microwave.

Appalachian Vibes is powered by listener nominations. You can nominate an artist at We love hearing from our listeners, tell us who inspires you, what stories touch you, the music that resonates with you. You can connect with us on social media (Facebook/Instagram).