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Full Disclosure
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The business of culture. The culture of business.

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Full Disclosure Episode List
  • CBS Face the Nation's Margaret Brennan discusses politics, world affairs, the state of TV news and her career ascent. Taped for an audience at Charlottesville's historic Paramount Theater -- in celebration of WVTF Radio IQ's 50th anniversary.
  • Barry Ritholtz on work from home vs productivity; Mo News's Mosheh Oinounou on Big Media's digital fumbling; a Stanford dermatologist on AI and machine learning in the detection of skin cancer; the young woman who went from hunger and homelessness to running for Virginia's House of Delegates
  • Gaurav Gupta, venture capitalist with Lightspeed Venture Partners; and Dr. Roxana Daneshjou, a Stanford dermatologist studying artificial intelligence and machine learning in skin-cancer detection, on the promise -vs- hazards -vs- hype in the exploding field of AI.
  • Barry Ritholtz -- prolific writer/reader, Wall Street watcher, media creator, wealth manager -- on bank failures and human nature; Twitter under Elon Musk; remote work vs productivity; markets; The Fed, much more.
  • Mosheh Oinounou -- described as "Instagram's favorite news concierge" and "a one-man news brand" -- on the existential angst underlying the HR turmoil at Fox and CNN. Plus, a flashback to some of my 2020 interview with Soledad O'Brien, veteran of CNN and NBC News.
  • Virginia Public Radio + Richmond Times-Dispatch duo Michael Pope and Jeff Schapiro discuss Governor Glenn Youngkin, the abortion wedge, the purpling of central Virginia and much more. Plus, some of my 2018 interview with Adele McClure, who went from a childhood of poverty to VCU's student-body presidency to, now, candidacy for Virginia's House of Delegates.
  • Better Than Ezra's Kevin Griffin; the rascally creatives behind NPRmageddon; Planet Money's Mary Childs...and more
  • Showrunner / doc maker Nayeema Raza ("On with Kara Swisher") and the rascally SoCal creatives behind NPRmageddon on breaking through in the great, wide, overcrowded open of 2020s multimedia.
  • Miami, San Diego State and Florida Atlantic in the Final Four? Could we be entering a brave new era of parity across college sports? After all, star student athletes can now get paid and even flex some free agency. How will this affect all of sports? Guests: Sean Gregory of TIME -- who once played in March Madness -- and Greg Burton of VCU's Center for Sports Leadership.
  • Kevin Griffin, frontman for the band Better Than Ezra -- a prolific songwriter, producer, lecturer and festival impresario -- on thriving through the three decades of music-industry dislocation. His new book is The Greatest Song: Spark Creativity, Ignite Your Career and Transform Your Life.