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Full Disclosure
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The business of culture. The culture of business.

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Full Disclosure Episode List
  • Highlights from recent episodes, including MSNBC president Rashida Jones live from the U of R; internationally bestselling investor Morgan Housel; Pope & Schapiro on what should be read from Virginia's 2023 elections; and pro tips from LinkedIn's editor in chief.
  • The political coverage duo of Michael Pope and Jeff Schapiro on what Virginia's 2023 electoral results suggest about the nation's big Election 2024, and beyond. We discussed abortion; Rep. Abigail Spanberger's gubernatorial candidacy; the Glenn Youngkin flameout and the fight for suburban votes...much more.
  • Investor Morgan Housel, author of the international bestseller The Psychology of Money, on his new book, Same As Ever: A Guide to What Never Changes.
  • Live from the University of Richmond's Robins School of Business: MSNBC president Rashida Jones .... on the path she took to becoming the first Black executive to lead a major TV news network. We discussed wartime coverage; media fragmentation; misinformation; mentoring; grit; much more.
  • Daniel Roth, editor in chief of LinkedIn, on the professional social network's ascent. "Helping through knowledge-sharing" is the torch he's carried in the 12 years since joining the company from the magazine world. LinkedIn is now a news and content heavyweight.
  • Highlights from recent episodes, including James Beard-recognized chef Sunny Baweja; radio-diehard Jeremy Hobson; and the art of going straight from b-school to owning your own company.
  • Jeremy Hobson, a voice synonymous with so much of NPR and Marketplace's Morning Report, is barnstorming the map with his new live call-in radio show, "The Middle." What's the thinking behind doubling down on terrestrial radio in 2023?
  • If you can't beat them, join them. But if you don't want to beat them or join them, why not just buy them? More MBAs are avoiding Wall Street and the corporate grind for entrepreneurship through acquisition ("ETA") -- perhaps the fastest track from b-school to owner/CEO. Guests: acquisitive recent Wharton exec. MBA Angela Romero and Bloomberg's Matthew Boyle.
  • Chef Sunny Baweja of Lehja, twice recognized by the James Beard Foundation, on his journey from humble beginnings in rural India to U.S. culinary stardom. Recorded before a live audience at the University of Richmond's Robins School.
  • In case you missed it ... highlights from recent episodes, including a media rabble-rouser on Disney's summer from hell; The Economist on China's slowdown; interviews from my book, Hotel Scarface; and a candid self-appraisal of where we want to take this show as it approaches 10 years on the air.