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Full Disclosure
Saturdays at 8:00 pm

The business of culture. The culture of business.

Policy; media & tech; entrepreneurs and more.

Hosted by Roben Farzad.

Full Disclosure Episode List
  • Ingrid Schatz founded Axelsdotter Bakery out of her Virginia kitchen as a homage to her Swedish culinary bloodline. She's now on a mission to bring the kingdom's cakes and pastries to America. This is the story of how she flexed Instagram, elbow grease and no shortage of pricey butter to build a cottage business during Covid.
  • The PBS NewsHour anchor's winding career journey, including a big leap of faith from the NPR management-track to a low-paying job as an Inspector Gadget-like Washington correspondent.
  • Oscar-nominated director Julie Cohen ("RBG," 2018) on her latest with Betsy West, "Gabby Giffords Won't Back Down." The documentary explores the ex-lawmaker's comeback -- and battle to form a new voice -- following a 2011 mass-shooting that nearly took her life.
  • My brother, Ronnie, is a hospitality-industry entrepreneur. We always have long conversations on risk-taking; the innovator's dilemma; startup life; crisis management; marketing spend; you name it. Always taking notes, I thought it was finally time to have him on my podcast. So here goes....
  • How Taiwanese immigrant Chris Tsui went from after-schools at his parents' ice cream parlor to bussing tables at a nearby Chinese restaurant to building a 14-concept Virginia restaurant empire (Osaka, Wild Ginger, Boulevard Burger & Brew....) through the Great Recession and Covid.
  • NPR media correspondent David Folkenflik (Murdoch's World, 2013) on TV news in the era of Jan. 6 investigations; networks doubling down and doubling back; intergenerational faultiness and Twitter spats within mastheads. All amid declining TV viewership. Plus, a flashback to our 2020 interview with veteran newswoman Soledad O'Brien.
  • A rewind episode with highlights from recent interviews with James River Writers, Investopedia and the Minnesota med school student who is just a decade removed from homelessness. Plus, a flashback to our 2019 talk with bestselling author Mitch Albom on his humanitarian work in Haiti.
  • The story of how Michael Kelly went from foster care, hunger and borderline high school homelessness to college and medical school. His viral LinkedIn post upon graduation brought him national attention -- which he's riding to advocate for neglected youth.
  • A special live episode organized by James River Writers: "The Role of Local Journalism in a Healthy Democracy." Panelists: Pulitzer Prize-winner Michael Paul Williams of the Richmond Times-Dispatch; VCU journalism professor Mallory Perryman; and Sharene Azimi of the the Institute for Nonprofit News.
  • Our annual listen for new graduates, featuring heartfelt advice and recollections from MLB-recruit DJ Lee; Nextdoor's head of marketing Maryam Banikarim; and some networking nuggets from global digi-mentor Sree Sreenivasan.