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Hosted by Roben Farzad.

Full Disclosure Episode List
  • The immigration deficit. The coveted Latino voter. The reddening of Florida. These and other jump balls for guests Chris Porter, chief demographer with John Burns Real Estate Consulting; and Miami-based public opinion research strategist Fernand Amandi.
  • How one coffee-shop owner is taking on inflation and the Great Quit by *ditching* tips and propelling baristas onto the partnership track.
  • Karri Peifer, formerly of the Richmond Times-Dispatch, on becoming the first editor of Axios Richmond -- one of well-funded Axios's more than 24 local news efforts across the country ... at a time of spreading news deserts. The quest for a fresh, sustainable business model for local news.
  • Veteran Wall Street exec Jamie Fiore Higgins on her book, Bully Market: My Story of Money and Misogyny at Goldman Sachs.
  • Iran's street is convulsing yet again. The protests and crackdowns -- fueled initially by the death in custody of a young woman -- have since exposed new fault lines both across and within class, commerce...even religious observance. Negar Mortazavi, host of the Iran Podcast, on where this takes the restive nation of 88 million.
  • Bloomberg Surveillance's Lisa Abramowicz and Truist Wealth's Chip Hughey discuss the inflation-stoked bear market that has rattled global bonds and stocks. Can the Fed subdue price pressures without pushing the economy into a steep decline?
  • The Virginia Public Radio - Richmond Times-Dispatch reporting duo of Michael Pope and Jeff Schapiro on Virginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin's national ambitions; the prominent swing-district Democratic Congresswomen being targeted in Election 2022; and how the reversal of Roe v. Wade will play out in purpling Old Dominion.
  • "Be the market. Don't try to beat the market." This mantra has dominated Wall Street for two decades, with investors sending trillions upon trillions of dollars into cut-rate, passive funds that track the broader market. The stock commission is dead. Equity investing has never been so accessible. What does this mean for you? Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg Intelligence ETF guru, weighs in.
  • Hybrid work. Quiet quitting. The eternally delayed return to the office. It's increasingly apparent that work is not going to revert to some imagined pre-Covid normal. The frictions are often inter-generational. Guests: Ed Zitron, CEO of EZPR, Substack's "Where's Your Ed At?" ; and Kian Gohar, co-author of Competing in the New World of Work.
  • • Eron Otcasek • Bestseller William Cohan • Axlesdotter Bakery • Breanne Armbrust