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Saturday 8:00 pm - Midnight (ET) WVTF Public Radio

Americana and Roots Music

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  • As a kid, Michael McArthur dreamed of becoming the world’s best guitar player; but every time he’d sit down to practice, he found himself writing a song instead.
  • “Brennen will carry the torch for REAL roots American music for her generation, and she’s the best one to do it in my opinion” - Ray Benson
  • A conversation with Jeremy Stephens, vocals, guitar, and banjo on traditional bluegrass.
  • California Rootsy Rock N' Roll from the brothers' new album
  • Mandolinist extraordinaire shares music from his forthcoming album
  • Legendary songwriter performs songs from his new album.
  • NYC singer/songwriter brings new music to the WVTF studio
  • New York singer/songwriter shares new music and insight on pursuing a musical career.
  • "Mr. Americana" recorded live in the WVTF studio
  • Singer/songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, veteran, and Fulbright Scholar performs live in the WVTF studio.