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Appalachian Road Show

Appalachian Road Show
Micah Schweinsberg
Zeb Snyder, Darrell Webb, Barry Abernathy, Todd Phillips, & Jim VanCleve

Barry Abernathy talks about the formation and mission of the band, the upcoming show in Floyd, and a new album . . . oh, and Dolly.

Appalachian Road Show is a visionary acoustic ensemble, bringing new-generation interpretations of traditional Americana, Bluegrass, and Folk songs, as well as offering innovative original music, all presented with a common thread tied directly to the heart of the Appalachian regions of the United States.

They play Floyd Country Store Saturday May 21 at 7:30.

Floyd Country Store

Listen to the band's first two albums:

Barry Abernathy & Darrell Webb Present Appalachian Road Show


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