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WFMT 2021 Fall Season
WFMT Opera
Saturday at 1pm on WVTF

Operas from the finest stages around the world

From Milan to New York, Barcelona to Chicago, WFMT gives you a front-row seat to performances from some of the world’s greatest opera companies and performers.

  • The Pulitzer Prize-winning music underscores the yearning, despair, and hope of the soldiers living in the trenches.
  • Rome Opera presents a stunning performance of Verdi’s Luisa Miller, starring Roberta Mantegna in the title role.
  • Based on a poem published in 1810 with more ethnographic than dramatic focus, Britten constructed a sombre parable about the conflict between the masses and the individual.
  • It’s a story full of misunderstandings: Love is confused with desire, an affair with an exclusive relationship, affection with possession, and violence with passion.