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University of Virginia

  • The student council at the University of Virginia is calling on a new member of the Board of Visitors to step down. Bert Ellis wants the school to reverse the path to wokeness and stop teaching too much about institutional racism and sexism.
  • In a survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation, one in five Americans reported they sometimes or often felt lonely. The surgeon general blames a world in which technology and convenience have edged out real relationships. Whatever the reason, a psychologist at the University of Virginia is planning to study thousands of people – to determine how we might solve this problem.
  • For most college students, a final exam involves reading over notes and reviewing texts, but for 15 UVA students enrolled in a course on hip hop, taking the final was a lot more fun.
  • Fifty million Americans suffer from diseases of the brain and nervous system. Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, for example, change the way people move and behave, but the public isn’t always understanding or sympathetic. That’s why students at UVA have developed what they call empathy kits.
  • Gender bias has been an issue for many years in this country, but a professor at the University of Virginia says men often get away with sexist behavior if they are also rude to other men.
  • Later this month, college swim teams will take part in the NCAA Championship. The University of Virginia is favored to win many races thanks to high-tech training and advice from one of the world’s leading mathematicians.
  • This year, Budweiser bought exclusive rights to advertise during the Superbowl and used the occasion to tout its new 80-calorie beer. Not to be outdone, Miller has produced a commercial featuring, of all people, a prominent mathematician from the University of Virginia.
  • The school announced Thursday that Mendenhall will step down after UVA’s upcoming bowl game.
  • On November 19th, the Sebring International Raceway in Florida will host a 24-hour race, testing the endurance of about 30 cars. Critics say such events are a waste of fuel and pose unnecessary risks to drivers, but at UVA one professor disagrees. Sandy Hausman talked with him about the value of motor sports and Virginia’s role in making safer cars.
  • Faced with a world in turmoil, a record number of college students are asking for mental health care, and many universities can’t keep up. In Charlottesville, UVA has partnered with an online service called Timely MD, pairing students with therapists in less than a week.