5th Congressional District


Congressman Denver Riggleman held a town hall meeting in Bedford last week – attracting a friendly crowd of about a hundred in a largely conservative area.  The following day in Charlottesville, a group of unhappy constituents went to Riggleman’s district office to complain. 

Nick Gilmore / RADIO IQ

Virginia’s 5th and 6th Congressional Districts cover a massive portion of the state – stretching from northern Virginia all the way to the North Carolina line. They also each include a segment of Bedford County, where the two Republicans who hold those seats conducted a joint town hall meeting Wednesday night.

The next congressional elections are a year and a half away, but one man who failed to get his party’s nomination last year is already on the campaign trail – hoping for a victory in 2020.

Denver Riggleman for Congress

Virginia’s Fifth Congressional District has, historically, elected Republicans.  The last one to run there, Tom Garrett, beat his opponent, a moderate Democrat, by 16 points.  But that was in 2016, when Donald Trump was on the ballot.  This year, Republican Denver Riggleman is not assured of victory. 

The congressional race in Virginia’s 5th district is, by most accounts, too close to call.  It’s a place where  Republicans outnumber Democrats, but  candidate Leslie Cockburn is giving her GOP opponent a run for his money.