Kay Edge, Virginia Tech

A new kind of wood is taking root among forward thinking designers and builders. It’s a called cross laminated timber, CLT for short.  The blog, Tree Hugger calls it a ‘dream material’ and Architect Magazine says it’s a trend to watch.

Erik Thorsen

The word ‘smart’ has a new context, thanks to the tech boom.  From ‘smart’ phones to smart homes, we’re seeing technology that promises to improve our living spaces  and our lives. And that’s why now’s the time for scientists and consumers to think about what that future should look like.

UVA to Craft Guidelines for Healthy Places

Aug 19, 2015

You’ve probably heard about the Green Building Council – a group that introduced LEED certification to reward and encourage environmentally friendly construction.  Now, the University of Virginia is teaming up with the council to create guidelines for designing healthy homes, buildings and communities. 

When Dr. Matthew Trowbridge first began his pediatric practice, he thought a lot about how to protect children from sickness and injury.