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Rumors of War, a statue mirroring and challenging Confederate monuments, will be installed Tuesday at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond.

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The newest exhibit at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts in Richmond takes experiential art to a new level. The museum has recreated a famous painting of a hotel room, where guests can actually spend a night. 

Be in the Room When ‘Hamilton’ Happens in Richmond

Nov 19, 2019
Capital News Service

Richmond resident Cat Peddicord never thought a song from the hit Broadway musical “Hamilton” would have her sitting in the freezing cold on a Saturday night. Yet, Peddicord and her dad came out to the Diamond baseball stadium to watch selected songs from her favorite musical become a firework spectacle.


While men dominate the world of rock and roll, church choirs often go begging for guys to join, and fans of the traditional American art form known as barbershop quartet are working hard to fill the ranks.  In Charlottesville, one chapter of the Barbershop Harmony Society is offering free lessons to any man who’d like to raise his voice in song. 


Experts estimate there are 60-million bird watchers in this country – many actively feeding our feathered friends, but a Virginia woman says we need to do more.  She’s doing her part by painting a favorite bird food – moths.