Arts & Culture

The Bridge

If you’re looking for an unusual way to celebrate the nation’s spookiest holiday, look no further than the Bridge – a gallery in Charlottesville that features central Virginia groups interested in consciousness and the paranormal.  The exhibit is titled BEYOND.

Jeanie Bryson

Film Festivals offer the public a chance to see beyond Hollywood – to discover small gems that might never make it to the multi-plex.  This year’s festival in Charlottesville included the story of an unlikely couple who shared music and love.  The screening was sold out and won the Audience Choice Award.

Alma Ensemble

When it comes to classical music, women’s voices are rarely heard.  A 2018 study found that 95 percent of concerts worldwide, perform works composed by men only. 

But that may be changing.  In Virginia, a new ensemble is making female composers its focus. The trio, Alma, will be traveling around the state to play live chamber music with a twist.

UVA Press

The University of Virginia Press has released what could be Toni Morrison’s last book. The Nobel Prize-winning author died in August, but, this final publication could influence our future.

Paul Koors Memorial Foundation

Paul Koors was one of those kids that parents brag about – a brilliant student who went to medical school in Richmond, married the love of his life, had two beautiful children of his own and completed his residency in Charlottesville – becoming a highly skilled surgeon. 

This weekend, however, the community will celebrate him for something more.