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Wes Swing

Concerts are about the music, but their location is also a factor in how an audience responds.  That’s why a Charlottesville musician and composer has launched Fern Hill -- a series of performances in unusual spaces.


At a time when the nation is politically polarized – when we’re divided by over a hundred channels of cable and a growing gap between rich and poor, a woman in Charlottesville has created a vibrant space for people to connect.  

Monticello Drama

High school drama teacher Madeline Michel is modest when it comes to her success at Monticello High School in Albermarle County, saying the credit should go to her student playwrights.

But judges with the Tony Awards and Carnegie Mellon University might feel a little differently. 

A celebration of southwest Virginia’s music, art, and food begins Friday, spanning the entire region.


Plans are underway in Charlottesville for an unusual show inspired by an artisinal Mexican drink.