Bath County

For many people, travel by air has lost its allure, but there’s at least one airport in Virginia that thrills travelers from around the world. 

Year after year, scientists report falling numbers of songbirds in Virginia.  One likely reason – changes in the places they like to feed, mate and nest.  To provide them with more healthy habitat, the Nature Conservancy is doing something bold – burning large sections of an 18,000 acre forest in western Virginia. 

Bath County High School

When it comes to wind power, 12 states produce 80% of the energy, and Virginia is not among them. But that could be changing.  At KidWind, a national competition of high school students determined to design new turbines, five of  18 teams came from the Commonwealth  and the winners hailed from a tiny school in Bath County. 

The oldest spa in America could be here in Virginia – in the remote and mountainous Bath County.  That’s where warm water bubbles up from the ground in pools where Thomas Jefferson once soaked.  The springs have been a major tourist attraction, but the county recently closed them down.