COVID-19 is not a risk to birds.  In fact, the pandemic has been very good for our feathered friends.

Credit Blandy Experimental Farm

The fall migration is underway, with millions of birds passing through Virginia. Sandy Hausman spoke with one expert -- a rich source of surprising details about the annual trip that takes some species 12,000 miles from their arctic nesting grounds to sunny South America.

The worst Atlantic coast storm in history, Hurricane Sandy, killed hundreds of people and destroyed more than half a million homes in 2012. But for some beach dwelling species, it was a net gain.  Endangered shore birds got a boost from the massive storm, thanks to a natural occurrence that’s been going on for millennia.

The Nature Conservancy

The fall migration for many birds is well underway, and scientists are excited about a new method for tracking them – a technology that provides detailed information without disturbing our feathered friends.

Year after year, scientists report falling numbers of songbirds in Virginia.  One likely reason – changes in the places they like to feed, mate and nest.  To provide them with more healthy habitat, the Nature Conservancy is doing something bold – burning large sections of an 18,000 acre forest in western Virginia.