Covid Companions

Apr 27, 2021
Virginia Tech

When COVID-19 began changing everyone’s lives in the winter of 2020, the town of Blacksburg started planning ahead. It mobilized resources and created a coalition of public officials, academics, and volunteers to keep health and safety measures going out there. But one man was concerned that there was more that needed to be done for the community, something not so easily seen. 

Virginia Tech and the town of Blacksburg will prohibit tailgating during this fall's football season.  The decision announced Tuesday morning will also to apply to all fall sports events.

Telemedicine can only go so far.  For something like eyecare, you usually have to make an ‘in person’ visit to the doctor’s office.  But in an effort to see patients and keep infection from spreading, a Blacksburg Ophthalmologist will be doing drive-through appointments. Robbie Harris has more.

 A plant in Blacksburg that makes insect repellents is now making hand sanitizer to help during the COVID-19 crisis.

In the new world of COVID—19, social life is dramatically changed.  For universities, where some students who live on campus and off, have chosen to remain in town, there’s tension around physical distancing.  Robbie Harris reports.