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The Internet is changing the way we communicate.  These days it’s all about tweets and status updates, short sentences and quick comments that show up in our ‘in-boxes.’  But what does it all add up to? Virginia Tech English Professor Matthew Vollmer is exploring what this modern medium can do for literature and what literature can do for it.   

The University of Virginia’s main library is preparing for a major renovation, and while the work is going on many books will be stored in a new location.  A few will be digitized or sent to special collections, and the older ones have been checked for surprising contents. Sandy Hausman has that story.

Zhou Yu


Virginia’s lawmakers will descend on Richmond in the New Year, gathering to tackle some of the state’s biggest challenges like education and healthcare. 

Breaking the Cycle of Police Violence

Aug 4, 2016

Graphic images of police violence are now seen on television and social media with greater frequency than ever before.  And even though crime statistics show the numbers of these incidents has not gone up, public outrage is raising new questions about how police handle these situations. There’s a small but growing movement to change the way police are trained to interact with people they encounter on the job.

Richmond’s Public Library is hosting its sixth annual “Girls of Summer” event Wednesday. It’s the kick-off for an empowering summer reading list, put together by two local authors.