Broadband Internet Access

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A recent study from the Pew Charitable Trusts shows that Virginia is doing well in some aspects when it comes to expanding broadband access – mainly through its use of state grants.

And expansion may soon be on the way for some people in the Roanoke Valley.




Some residents of Virginia still hear that annoying dial up when they connect to the Internet. The state estimates more than 600,000 residents don’t have high speed broadband. There’s a surprising barrier, but the state isn’t letting it stop them from getting people connected.  

Mid-Atlantic Broadband Communities Corporation & Microsoft

Southern Virginia's economy has been devastated by the loss of the tobacco and textile industries that sustained it through much of its history.

Now with the help of a corporate giant, local innovators are trying to remake part of Southside in the image of the digital age.

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Policy wonks call it the “last mile” - the infrastructure needed to get high-speed internet down those long and sparsely populated country roads. It’s expensive, and private companies are unlikely to recoup that investment from just a couple of households.

Pamela D'Angelo

Virginia prizes its rural communities; from farmer's markets to vineyards, to oyster trails. But, those same communities still aren't connected to affordable high-speed internet, making it hard for everyone from small businesses to students trying to do homework. Now, one region is looking into a unique partnership to get it done.