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In the complicated and competitive world of business climate rankings, tax policy plays a big role.  And while Virginia ranks in the middle of the pack accordint to  a new Business Tax Climate analysis, the Commonwealth is losing ground in some areas.

The Port of Virginia

Virginia’s port is coming out of its most successful year on record, and at least one state lawmaker believes that’s reason enough to consider expanding the port’s inland facilities.

Carrier / United Technologies

President-elect Donald Trump was able to negotiate a deal to protect about a third of the Indiana jobs that air-conditioner maker Carrier was planning to ship to Mexico. The deal was struck not by threatening tariffs, but by offering $7 million in tax breaks as part of an economic development package. 

Local governments across Virginia are preparing for an epic battle next year in Richmond. As Michael Pope reports, they want a piece of the Airbnb action.

Patrick Finnegan / Flickr

18 major corporations have joined forces in an effort to make renewable energy in Virginia more accessible.