Campaign Finances

For elected officials, getting into office is not the only goal on the agenda. There’s also the issue of getting key committee assignments.  Those assignments are likely to influence how much money they’re able to raise.

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Much has been made of the role that campaign contributions from the National Rifle Association has on elected leaders in Washington. Money is flowing on both sides of the gun debate, however.

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It’s been several years since former Governor Bob McDonnell was accused of accepting gifts in exchange for official's acts. But, as Michael Pope reports, lawmakers are still trying to close loopholes in the law.

MIchael Pope

Companies that offer high-interest loans are fighting back against efforts to reform their industry, and part of that effort involves writing checks to political campaigns.


Republicans and Democrats are both targeting certain races for the House of Delegates this year, hoping to invest in retaining seats or in some cases flipping them to the other side.