Chris Hurst

(AP Photo/David Goldman)

More than 30 US states, as well as Washington DC, now have laws on the books that permit some sort of medical cannabis treatment.  That includes Virginia, where lawmakers chose to expand the program - before the first product is even developed.

The Virginia General Assembly now has two former journalists as members, and they are hoping to move forward with bills to increase press freedom.

Lawmakers from southwest Virginia are pushing several bills responding to controversial plans to build natural gas pipelines in Virginia.

When the Virginia General Assembly convenes next month, there’ll be a lot of new faces. Among them, New River Valley Democrat Chris Hurst.  His race turned out to be most expensive in state history and part of the blue wave that rafted more Democrats into the house, than we’ve seen in a generation. 

The 2018 national midterm elections are considered ‘the first contest of the Trump Era.’  But some say it really begins now with Virginia’s vote in a few weeks. Republicans have long controlled the House of Delegates.  But Democrats are hoping to ‘flip’ districts that went for Hilary Clinton in 2016.