Civil War

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Virginia is known for monuments to Civil War generals and soldiers.

This weekend, two new markers will be dedicated at a Salem cemetery. But the stories are not what you might expect.

Penelope M. Carrington / The American Civil War Museum



This weekend, the American Civil War Museum opens in Richmond for the first time. The institution is six years in the making, the result of a merger between the American Civil War Center and the Museum of the Confederacy. It’s a timely look at history that’s loomed large in recent years.

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Researchers at the University of Virginia are using some new data to learn about a very old subject: the Civil War.

National Museum of the Civil War Soldier

Children heading for summer camp have lots of choice – from conventional outdoor adventures to computer programming, the science of space travel and sports of all kinds.  Here in Virginia there’s a camp that allows kids to experience the American Civil War.  It's located in Dinwiddie County near Petersburg.

How Did People Celebrate Independence Day During the Civil War Era?

These days, the fourth of July is like one big birthday party for the country.  But in the Civil War years, it had a very different feel in a nation that seemed to be falling apart. Now a crowdsourcing project by Virginia Tech is getting a closer look than ever before at how people felt about the holiday during that perilous time; And they’re doing it with the help of a small army of volunteer - citizen researchers.